Our commitment to nature

We’re working with nature to provide Australians with pure, clean water every day of the year in urban, industrial and rural environs. Installation and delivery of our water tanks and other poly products will ensure minimum impact on nature and surroundings.



South Australia
New South Wales (selected areas)
Victoria (selected areas)

We do our best to keep delivery times as short as possible, but we will notify you if there will be any delays. Once your order is placed, you will receive notice (1-2 days) before delivery of your tank. If require a longer notice period or if the tank is not immediately required, please advise Kilkee during processing. Later special arrangements can be made.


If the delivery point is off-road, you must inform Kilkee so the appropriate vehicle for the drop can be organised. For delivery around Adelaide hills, we have a 6 wheel drive to access some of the more difficult terrain.


3,300L – 11,500L = 1 PERSON + DRIVER.
When delivering a 3,300L – 11,500L water tank, our driver will require help from one other able bodied person.

22,500L + 24,000L = 3 PERSONS + DRIVER.
As the water tanks are heavy and larger 22,500L & 24,000L water tanks will require the help of 3 able bodied people plus the driver for positioning of the water tank onto your pre-prepared pad.


When preparing the site for your new water tank installation, please ensure the area you have selected is suitable. The area must be accessible for the truck to either:.
Off –load the tank directly onto the site. or
by off-loading the tank from the truck and rolling the water tank a short distance into position ( without damage to the water tank)

As our truck can be up to 19m long, 3m wide and 4.2m high, please ensure the truck has clear access. Any obstacles need to be cleared eg. cutting back branches prior to delivery.

If the ground is soft or too wet, Kilkee must be notified prior to delivery so alternate plans can be made.



OUTLET PIPES – In all installation, make sure outlet pipes are well supported and not reliant on the water tank walls for stability.

STANDS – With water tanks on stands, pipes should be supported by the stand, not the water tank.

SAND BASE – A 100mm bed of packing sand is a suitable base. Ensure that the sand is 300mm wider than the base of the water tank and that the sad is appropriately retained so that it cannot erode from under that water tank. i.e. pipe the overflow away from the water tank base.


Your water tank can be buried up to 1 meter, but will require:
A 200mm thick sand base and 200mm of sand around the sides for protection (from rocks and other debris that might be damaging).

The effect of ground water and its ability to push things out of the ground must be considered. If burying your water tank Kilkee recommends that you seek the advice of a certified engineer. This process will ensure the longevity and safety of your water tank.

When burying it is imperative that you plumb the overflow water away from your water tank. This will ensure that no ground water will undermine the water tank.

Kilkee will not be held liable for any damage that may occur to the tank being pushed out of the ground.


Please consider at which point you would like your overflow and outlet positioned (noting position 12 is the inlet)

Kilkee 20 Year Limited Warranty - Contact us if you need more info

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